Porter Robinson and Madeon Collab

Madeon and Porter Robinson 2016

August 12th, 2016

Miguel Tost | Staff Writer

For years, fans of both Porter Robinson and Madeon have dreamed of the day where the two remarkable producers would get together and release a track forged and bound by their respective musical styles. Both artists have had seldom to zero releases since their respective debut albums dropped. Since then, the electronic dance music community has prayed to see what these two would sound like joining forces. Brace yourselves because that day has arrived.

In the Porter Robinson subreddit, redditors could not contain their excitement when an iTunes link was posted early Thursday morning. The link was to a single titled “Shelter” and credited to both Porter Robinson and Madeon. Combining the sounds of Porter’s departure from electro in Worlds and Madeon’s fortification in versatility in Adventure, “Shelter” is the product that might meet its high expectations.

Along with the new collaboration, the two electronic masterminds have also broken the internet some more by announcing a co-headlining tour that will be landing in North America. On a recent interview with Triple J, Porter Robinson and Madeon talked about the latter’s studio set-up and about the lack of teasers they leave for fans. They go on to point out how this keeps their fans constantly on the edge versus dropping constant teasers. Check out the full interview here.

Although no Miami or South Florida dates have been revealed, there are a couple of dates that are cryptically blurred out. Keep your fingers crossed and follow us to see when the two will add the 305 as a stop on this monumental electronic tour. Check out the dates below and see where Porter Robinson and Madeon will be landing this year.

Madeon and Porter Robinson - Shelter Tour 2016

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