Revolution 935 x Secret Solstice x Iceland

June 29, 2017

Juliette Helen & Nelly Varela | Staff Writers

Dubbed “the worlds most unique music festival,” Secret Solstice, or otherwise known as the midnight sun music festival, came back with its fourth edition since its debut in 2014 on June 15-18. Secret Solstice came to life during the summer solstice — where the sun shines 24 hours a day — in Laugardalur Park, which is in the capital: Reykjavik.

The Revolution 935 team had the pleasure of experiencing the festival and exploring Iceland. In what seemed like one long never-ending day, we indulged countless unforgettable acts and made it a priorty to bring you the best coverage — all whilst having some fun ourselves. In the outdoor stages we jammed out to acts like: British icons, The Prodigy, and legendary American rock band: Foo Fighters. When day turned to dusk (8 PM) we danced for hours to the boys from Crew Love. Then, when dusk turned back into day (11 Pm) we were hypnotized by acts like Dusky, Yotto, Lane 8, Dubfire, Kiasmos, and Exxos, in the indoor ‘Hel’ stage.

Experience Secret Solstice and Iceland through the eyes of Revolution Radio!

Watch us jump from stage to stage, explore Iceland’s beautiful scenery, and take on “The Golden Circle” tour.

Party with us where the sun doesn’t set — Secret Solstice!

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Special thanks to our friends at Secret Solstice Festival, WOW air, and Plexi PR.

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