Tritonal Interview at SMF

This interview was recorded backstage during Sunset Music Festival on May 28th and was aired on June 17th during Madhouse In The Morning on 93.5 and 104.7 FM in South Florida. Check out the conversation our own DJ Grimm had with them below!


Grimm: Madhouse In The Morning on Revolution Radio 93.5 and 104.7. This is Grimm backstage at SMF Tampa hanging out with the superb duo of Tritonal! What’s up?

Tritonal (Chad): What’s up!

Tritonal (Dave): What’s going on?

Tritonal (Chad): Thanks for having us!

Grimm: Last time we were talking, we premiered your track “Blackout”. It was our pleasure and the song is amazing. It’s becoming an anthem. You guys are about to drop that out there. I can expect that, right?

Tritonal (Chad): Thank you so much. I think it has grown so much in our sets like it has on radio. It’s one of those records where it’s not just a festival banger. So the immediate gratification of it [performing] live was delayed a little bit. It took people becoming more time to become familiar with the record. And now that they are, a few months later, it has become massive in our sets.

Grimm: Cool. Let’s talk future. Is there anything you can tease? I know that there’s probably some little teases here and there that are going to come up during the set, but can we talk about anything new?

Tritonal (Dave): Yeah. I mean, we do have a lot of stuff that we are working on right now. A lot of which I feel we can’t really talk about yet. I…I want to

Grimm: ID, ID, ID [laughs]

Tritonal (Dave): I know, I know. But we got a lot of awesome stuff happening right now and some “collabs” as well.

Tritonal (Chad): Yeah we just got a real big pop star in London last week that we can’t drop yet, but look “Getaway” came out Friday. It is our new single with Angel Taylor. It’s our fifth single and we are already in May which is leading up to August where we hope to drop our sophomore artist album.

Grimm: I wanted to talk about something you guys did on social media. You guys posted something the other day that rings true, especially with the latino community in Miami. Every time you’re looking for an address and you lower the windows and you lower the music so you can find the address.

Tritonal (Chad): So you can see better.

Grimm: Yeah! That helps you see. I think subconsciously, you lower the music so that you don’t want everybody listening to N.W.A. blasting in the neighborhood.

Tritonal (Chad): Parallel parking too, right? You gotta turn down the music to parallel park.

Grimm: You gotta do a lot of stuff. You gotta get out of the car. [You gotta do] measurements. Sine. Cosine. Tangent. Etc.[laughs]… So I want to play a game. This is all stuff that people do and they can’t explain why. I’ll say what it is and you guys say guilty or not guilty.

Tritonal (Chad & Dave): Let’s go.

Grimm: Alright. Continuously check the fridge to see if new food magically appears?

Tritonal (Chad): Guilty.

Tritonal (Dave): Guilty.

Grimm: When driving, you pick out another car on the road to be your travel companion?

Tritonal (Chad): Or competitor.

Grimm: Oooohhhh.

Tritonal (Dave): Oh yeah. Guilty. Especially for long home drives.

Grimm: Alright. When showering, you cup your arm to see how much water you can hold before the water overflows?

Tritonal (Chad): Not anymore, but definitively used to be the game as a kid.

Tritonal (Dave): No. Never have.

Grimm: Dave is like, “Nah, never did that,” looking at you all weird, Chad. [laughs] Have you ever used the condensation from a glass to wipe your hands?

Tritonal (Both): Yes.

Tritonal (Chad): Totally. In club life, you have to. You’re in some weird ass places.

Grimm: What about with chicken wings? The DJ booth doesn’t have enough moist towelettes and they break apart anyway, right?

Tritonal (Chad): At that point, you get napkins!

Grimm: So something else I saw on your social media is a post regarding a snafu with some Pioneer products. What happened?

Tritonal (Chad): It was us. It was a user error. Let me say this [first], Dave and I have run live video from stage for the last two years. A lot of DJs don’t do this and travel with a VJ. We took on the responsibility to run our own content. As such, we moved into a system called Serrato Video where we were running the CDJs and “HIV mode” To not get too technical, on the Blackout Tour leading up to the Vault room, we decided to take on a VJ. So we moved back into old-school mixing. So we loaded up the SD card in Recordbox and last night when we were cueing tracks, it was playing other songs. We had a little moment where we basically jacked up our set in like ten minutes.

Tritonal (Dave): It was like in one of our first tracks I was like, “Dude, there’s something going on with the left CDJ and the cue is not coming in right,” and I wasn’t even sure if he heard me. Then he had the problem and was like, “F-f*CK!” He was like, “There’s something going on in the right CDJ!”

Tritonal (Chad): Look, we’re not newbies anymore. We’ve been touring for six to eight years.

Grimm: Yeah, but you took some heat. I saw Sam Feldt was roasting you.

Tritonal (Chad): He did, he did. But, look, it is what it is. I think it’s better to be humble and admit that we messed up, right? Because we all do it. Rather than act like you’re some [God] who is incapable of making a mistake.

Tritonal (Dave): It’s technology and cue points. What are you going to do?!

Tritonal (Chad): We’ve watched some tutorial videos like good little students, last night after the show. As producers, we always like to learn, even now. That’s always something that we love about making music. We’re always learning something about sound design, how to setup a buzz, how to setup an aux channel, and how to do real nerd stuff. It’s just funny how eight years into professionally touring we’re watching Pioneer tutorial YouTube videos. [chuckles]

Grimm: Now would you say that that was probably your most embarrassing moment while on tour?

Tritonal (Both): No.

Grimm: What was the worst thing to ever happen while on stage?

Tritonal (Chad): I got it. This will top anything. South Korea, Seoul, playing at a massive festival called World DJ Fest. We played the night before I want to say in San Francisco or something so we were late getting to the festival and it was a two hour drive out there. So we land in the airport and we have to get DJ ready in the airport bathroom. So, it’s one of these South Korean bathrooms. There’s not a lot of wiggle room in this thing. Without me saying anything I don’t want to say, I basically didn’t want to pull everything out of my suitcase. So I decided in that moment to go commando style because the underwear were deeper in the mix. So I put on all my stuff, I’m rolling in commando, stage time, we’re rocking it. Like I often do, in one of my highlight moments of the set I decided to jump off the front of the stage, do a like a freakin ninja kick, and land and keep going with the crowd. In this instant, my pants rip knee-to-knee like while the videographer and photographers are on me. I sat there and went for it for about fifteen seconds. I run back around and realize that this is happening, I mean, this is my life right now. [laughs]

Grimm: [laughs] So there’s a video of this?

Tritonal (Chad): Probably somewhere there is. We’ve tried to source it. I haven’t found it. I don’t want to find it.

Grimm: Dave has that in his secret collection. He’s waiting for you to really piss him off because he has that stored away.

Tritonal (Dave): That’s right! Just blackmailing you one day. [laughs]

Grimm: Alright, well this is Madhouse In The Morning hanging out with Tritonal. Thanks for hanging out with us!!!

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