VICE to Debut NEW Scripted Series: What Would Diplo do?

July 7, 2017

Nelly Varela | Staff Writer

As a Vice lover who appreciates the cult feel to their content, and the bluntness behind their unscripted shows and documentaries, I have to say the news that Vice is taking a new direction and debuting scripted entertainment was a curve ball. Nonetheless, I for one, am excited.

VICELAND has announced that they will be dropping a new scripted TV series that takes you on a joy ride with Diplo – or better said, the knockoff fictionalized version played by James Van Der Beek.

Debuting August 3, the new series will be called: “What would Diplo do?” Van Der Beek depicts an exaggerated version of the life of DJ, Model, producer and Mad Decent owner, Thomas Wesly Pentz. Vice describes the show on their website as their take on Diplo, the DJ who “has no problem bringing thousands of concertgoers to their feet, but has a hard time working with people one-on-one.”

Check out the trailer for the series HERE and see the entertainer run naked from a hotel room and sword fight on stage.

Catch the premiere on VICELAND, August 3rd at 9pm!


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