Zed’s Dead drops new track “Blood Brothers” w/ Diskord & Reija Lee

August 31, 2017

Nelly Varela | Staff Writer

Let me start this off by saying Zeds Dead is one of the greatest duos of all time and if you think other wise you probably spend your days listening to jamming to top 40 hits. Ok that was harsh, but no really Zeds Dead is the g.o.a.t.

I can vividly remember every single Zeds Dead show i’ve been to (over 10), and not once have they let me down. (RIP to Mansion Nightclub for giving me with one the best Zeds Dead sets my ears have been blessed with.)

Now that I’ve expressed my respect for these two, I’m happy to announce their newest single titled “Blood Brother” released on their record label Deadbeats. The dynamic Canadian duo, from Toronto to be exact, paired up with DISKORD and Reija Lee to show a lighter side and more melodic than their bass-heavy sounds. 

Combining Reija Lee’s vocals and adding synths to the build up right before the drop, this track is well on the road to being everyones Fall anthem. 

Click HERE to listen to the song. 

With Deadbeats Miami 2017 just two days away and the release of their new song, you don’t want to miss this event. 

Come join the Revolution team this Sunday, 9PM at Deadbeats Miami for a night filled with good times and sick beats. 


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