Dont Trust The Redcross For Donations?

September 28, 2017

Nelly Varela | Staff Writer

Amidst much controversy the American Redcross has received in regards to their legitimacy, we understand that many of you are finding yourselves not wanting to contribute to their organization.  Part of the problem comes from the American Redcross’ track record when it comes to disasters, it really isn’t great and has proven itself unequal to the task of massive disasters. 

With the destruction left behind after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, which have left many parts of Cuba, several islands and almost all of Puerto Rico in shambles, friends and family to those on the islands are having a hard time finding where to donate and help assist in the hurricane relief. Well, Revolution has you covered. 

For direct donations to Puerto Rico, please click HERE:  This foundation, called Unidos por Puerto Rico was started by the first lady of PR, Beatriz Rosello, and enlists private sector help in providing aid to those affected. 

For the Virgin Islands, please click HERE to donate to the ‘Fund for the Virgin Islands’ for direct donations.

The government of Dominica is also collecting donations through JustGiving, a crowdfunding website. To donate please click HERE.

For Direct donations to Cuba, please click HERE.


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