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Written by on January 22, 2020

With the recent release of the new Pioneer DJM-V10 mixer, it’s got me thinking. What will the future of DJing look like?

Today, there is a bit of beef between what is perceived to be the old school purists vs. boundary pushers. Probably a very simplistic way of putting this, but – for simplicity’s sake – I think all DJs can agree that there is a bit of culture clashing amongst our ranks.

One particular hot button issue amongst DJs is quite literally about a hot button: the SYNC button. Are you really DJing if you use the SYNC button?

The answer to that question is very easy, but I would like to answer it with another question… ugh yes I know… a question answered with a question…

Are you really DJing if you are not taking advantage of all the technology available to you? Isn’t that what real DJing is? I mean, yeah it started with turntables and a mixer. And there is nothing wrong with using them, but limiting yourself, and trying to place that limitation on your fellow DJ isn’t what DJing is about.

I know countless DJs who had once scoffed at the idea of using the SYNC button, to only change their mind further down the line. One of them that comes to mind is David Tort. He recently admitted that using the SYNC button may have been one of the few simple tricks he’s done in his sets that has allowed him to reach a new level of DJing. He even goes so far as to say that it has improved his mixes. It allows him to concentrate on dropping acapellas and using more channels to incorporate a wider variety of elements into his sets.

To me, a DJ has always been someone on the forefront of technology. Someone who uses technology to be the ultimate music tastemaker. A master of technology, music, and culture, all in one.

The new Pioneer DJM-V10 recognizes that more and more DJs – particularly underground and tech DJs – like to use drum machines, guitar pedals, keyboards, drum pads, and all other sorts of inputs. Pioneer’s new mixer offers six channels, EQ and compression on all of those channels, and even an EQ on the master channel.

While I personally don’t know how I can implement this mixer in my current set up, I’m reminded of what the late, great Jim Morrison – lead singer of The Doors – said about the future of music. In 1969, he had the forethought to predict the rise of electronic music and the DJ. Speaking about performing music, the rock legend said, “It might rely heavily on electronics. I can envision one person with a lot of machines and electronics set up.”

I mean, Morrison was probably on drugs, but the point is this: he was right! He understood the direction music would take because of the influence of technology. In many ways, music and technology are married. Jim Morrison knew this. He had the mentality of a DJ!

A DJ is the ultimate tastemaker when it comes to technology and music. Let’s not forget that! I for one welcome all these cool changes that challenge the DJ status quo. After all, I want to be on the machines’ good side when they all turn on us like in the Terminator movies.

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