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The JP Morning Show

Monday – Friday 7AM to 11AM

JP was born in Pinar del Rio Cuba and moved to the states at the age of 2, when the Perez family headed to Newark, NJ where Jp lived till the age of 9. Soon after, the Perez family decided to migrate to Sunny South Florida, renting an apartment on 14th and Meridian Ave by South Beach where Jp attended Fisher Finberg Elementary , Nautilus Jr High and finally Miami Beach Sr High. Jp had always considered himself “The Class Comedian”, even making his teachers laugh and pulling pranks which is when Jp knew he wanted to do something in the entertainment field. After graduation, Jp worked at a body shop on South Beach then became the manager of the delivery department for Canac Cabinets, where he helped deliver and install kitchen cabinets for many high rise buildings on Collins Ave including “Roney Plaza”. Later, Jp became an Aviation Mechanic at J&R Engine Service located off of 25th St and the Palmetto.

Finally realizing he needed to follow his dream and take a chance, Jp attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting where he excelled and was placed in an internship with Power 96. It was the classic story of “starting at the bottom now we here”. And so, Jp went above and beyond to make his dream come true of one day doing morning radio in Miami.

After interning for 8 months, he worked the overnight shift from midnight to 6am while still working his first job as an aviation mechanic, slowly picking up other shifts like weekends Jp was asked soon after to fill in as the host of the “Night Show” on Power 96 until then PD Tom Calococci found “the right person for the job”.

After interviewing 4 different candidates for the position, Jp was able to fill in long enough to move the needle and bring the night show to not only #1 but a 26 share in the ratings book which is the highest night show rating to date. Tom Calococci hired Jp to host the night show where he went on to share his pranks and crazy lovable antics with his South florida audience.

The father of 2 beautiful girls (Aria ) 4 (Vienna) 2, 5 years ago Jp was presented with the opportunity to finally accomplish one of his major goals to do morning radio at Power 96 where he continued to relate to his audience with his “Miami boy” pranks and humor. After his exit from Power 96 in January 2018 JP joined the team at Revolution 93.5 where he continues to keep his south florida listeners smiling and laughing on their way to work Monday – Friday 7 am to 11 am with “The JP Morning show” on REVOLUTION 93.5