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Callie has lived in so many places; she has forgotten where she really is from. She can be found guzzling cafe con leche and snacking on hummus but don’t be fooled; she is a world traveler having done radio shows in far away lands such as Egypt, Dubai, Beirut and Amman. However, she has fallen […]

The JP Morning Show Monday – Friday 6AM to 10AM JP was born in Pinar del Rio Cuba and moved to the states at the age of 2, when the Perez family headed to Newark, NJ where Jp lived till the age of 9. Soon after, the Perez family decided to migrate to Sunny South […]

The JP Morning Show Monday – Friday 6AM to 10AM Lady Gigi was born in Hershey, Pennsylvania and grew up in Miami, Florida. Of Cuban descent, Lady Gigi is a dynamic and energetic young lady who knew very early on that her dream of a career in the radio industry would become a realization. Lady Gigi […]

The Dimas Martinez Show – Weekdays 10AM – 2PM Boogie Down! It’s Dimas Martinez! This radio veteran began his radio career at Power 96/Miami, where he became the #1 night jock for three years with “The Big Show!” His success in Miami got the attention of Frankie Blue, the Program Director of 103.5 The New […]

Scott Phillips is not only Miami’s rush hour king, ensuring that only the best in electronic dance music reaches your ears. Born and bred in London, Scott skipped school at the age of 14 to work at his local radio station. When he is not in the booth, playing chess with our on air system or […]

Marco Mazzoli is the most infamous radio entertainers in Italy. His show “The 105 Zoo” has over 4.5 million listeners across the country every day from 2 pm to 4 pm. More than 1.5 million fans on Facebook (lozoodi105), more then 600,000 fans visit his website every day (ilsitodellozoo.com). The radio show is also live […]


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