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2013’s Dada Life song could be released very soon

Written by on June 30, 2021

Dada LifeSome rumors during these days refer to an old Dada Life‘s track that could see the light very soon. Realized in 2013, during the golden age of EDM and when the guys were popular and mainstream, a screenshot by their computer allowed us to believe that this track could be released early. To reinforce the thesis, a comment by Dada Life below the post says:

We made the first version of this track 2013. We didn’t release it because we felt it didn’t deliver our vision. Each year since we’ve tried re-producing it but didn’t succeed. I feel confident we have it now!”

With a working title like “Rov Rave Kott,” the track could follow the ultimate trend that inspires the guys, the Future Rave. We only need to wait for this one!


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