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Avicii Still Connects Us

Written by on June 5, 2019


Avicii’s music was the soundtrack when we fell in love, when we made new friends and that time we dance all night. Avicii connected us.

Around the world there are cubes just like this one. Walk inside an place your hand on the glowing Avicii symbol.

When the symbols in two cubes are touched at the same time both cubes will activate. Together you will experience the new Avicii album.”

People in Stockholm, London, Sao Pãulo, New York City, Sydney, & Tokyo got the lucky chance to read these words in person and pre-listen to Avicii’s new album TIM being released tomorrow. If you don’t live in a city where one of the six Avicii cube installations was made, check out this video to tap into the experience with the rest of the world. We miss you!


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