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Don Diablo #1 in 1001tracklists Most Played Producers 2018

Written by on October 16, 2018

While DJ Mags has the fans vote for the best DJs, 1001tracklists rankings are done differently. Their rankings are based off the most played producers of the past year.

This year #1 most played DJ was Dutch DJ Don Diablo. This comes as little surprise as his album, Future, took over the EDM world in 2018.

“THANKS a million to all the DJ’s and FANS who supported my vision and can’t wait to keep pushing things forward,” said Don Diablo in an instagram post.

Don Diablo finished just ahead of Skrillex who finished #2 on the list, despite his lack of touring in 2018.

The rest of the Top Ten looks as follows:

1. Don Diablo
2. Skrillex
3. Axwell
4. CamelPhat
5. Hardwell
6. Tiesto
7. Sebastian Ingrosso
8. Diplo
9. Martin Garrix
10. Avicii

The DJ Mag rankings are next. Will the 1001tracklist reflect that Top 10 list? We will find out October 21st.



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CRAZY! JUST heard I’m the #1 most played producer of the YEAR ?! I GREW up being the underdog, never really had any friends so spent most of my time working several jobs to buy studio equipment. Eventually I became a pale faced overweight studio hermit who barely left the house (swipe left). I honestly never thought I would end up where I am today. Most of the days I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror or finding self confidence in any shape or form. Being a great producer is not just about technical skills, it’s also about having a vision and trying out new things. This list is not based on who is the best or most popular, it’s based on a mathematical algorithm that purely displays facts, so: THANKS a million to all the DJ’s and FANS who supported my vision and can’t wait to keep pushing things forward. Also much love to all the talent on my HEXAGON label, proud of every single artist we release. To all the aspiring producers out there: don’t give up, but also don’t expect thing to happen quickly. You need to put blood, sweat and tears into your work and be able to accept disappointments on a daily basis. THAT is what I have done for many years and that is what will set you apart from the rest. TODAY is a GOOD day! LOVE you GUYS ❤️

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