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Written by on May 23, 2019

Over the last few months, the next destination for Ultra Music Festival has been a hot topic in Miami.

Last night, Miami Beach commissioners discussed entering negotiations with Ultra Music Festival, which recently parted ways with the City of Miami. In what was expected to be a mostly YES vote, the Miami Beach commissions voted 2-5 NO on bringing Ultra Music Festival to the city in 2020.

Right now, publicly, at least, Ultra has only been courted by Homestead-Miami Speedway, approximately 30 miles southwest of Miami. The city of Homestead last night approved later hours until 2am and a 10 year possible contract to the Speedway in order to court the festival.

Miami Beach would have been a great opportunity to keep the festival closer to the clubs and hotels that sustained it for so many years when it was at Bayfront park.

The Miami Beach Commission did not offer up any alternatives for what it called a horrible spring break season.

So where will Ultra take place?

Homestead leaders have expressed interest in hosting the event and, in something of a turnabout, Miami officials are also considering bringing it back to Bayfront Park, according to The Miami Herald.

“We have to be careful,” said Miami city commissioner Manolo Reyes, according to the newspaper. “We cannot be running businesses out of Miami.”

Reader's opinions
  1. Ricky Gomez   On   May 23, 2019 at 3:13 pm

    No way Homestead!!! Someone commented that Ultra brings the worst to the city, they compare it to the Hip Hop Festival. I disagree. Bit I do see how Ultra might get that bad rap because almost 6 weeks before ULTRA we have all tge other activities in Miami and the Beach… Winter Music Conference and other events have brought other crowds that do behave similar to the crowd on Memorial Day weekend… Homestead is a big mistake and I see many agree. ULTRA should be kept away from all other events as it’s in a class by itself. Stay on Key Biscayne; but something has to be worked out about the transport. Homestead will be a mess as well not a good look. What a shame… Can’t believe Miami will let ULTRA go.
    And I also agree with Manolo Reyes, we can not be running businesses out of Miami. Just separate them from troublesome ones. Everything is too bunched up with Ultra.

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