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Ookay Talks Depression, Drug Abuse After Passing Of Mac Miller

Written by on September 11, 2018

Talking about depression is not an easy thing. Many people rather hide behind a smile, than to admit that they are hurting. But if this past week has told us anything, it’s that depression affects even those who seem live a life filled with joy.

On September 7th, Hardwell announced he will be stepping away to spend more time “being himself,” in a Facebook post he wrote. Later that day, American rapper Mac Miller passed away after a drug overdose, which shook the world.

The wake of these news hit home to American DJ Ookay.

“Being an artist is one of the hardest jobs in the world. It comes with some of the most depressing and extreme forms of emotions that no one can even translate into words,” said Ookay in a post on Twitter.

Ookay is not the first DJ to speak about the subject, most notably Swedish DJ Avicii he retired from touring in 2016, and took his own life in April. Fellow American DJs Illenium and Getter, also came out and spoke about their depression and drug abuse earlier this year.

Ookay says that he can see why Hardwell decided to walk away. “The extensive touring. The backlash for trying new things. The artificial friendships. This job is absolutely soul crushing sometimes.”

The 26 year old says that he is no longer using drugs, but did say that his drug abuse could have cost him his life.

“From doing enough cocaine that could make anyone’s heart stop, to drinking away my liver. By the grace of god I have been giving multiple chances to live life again, even when I didn’t deserve it.”

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