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Tired of ‘bogus’ emotional support animals?

Written by on March 12, 2019

Could your dog actually get you in big time trouble for faking some papers?!
A Hialeah lawmaker thinks so!
“It is completely bogus,” said Sen. Kevin Rader, from Boca Raton . “We need to root the fraud out of it. In a lot of these cases, these pets morph into like almost a child in a way. They are so close to them, but it’s not an emotional support animal.”

State Sen. Manny Díaz Jr., R-Hialeah, has sponsored a bill (SB 1128) that clarifies that documentation supporting an emotional support animal must come from a person’s regular doctor: to stop online services that exist solely to provide paperwork for emotional support animals.


Reader's opinions
  1. Curtis Elliott   On   August 8, 2019 at 1:16 pm

    Also, Doctors should be notified that the issuance of a prescription for an ESA inherently infringes on the rights of the rest of the community to enjoy their property. I am the president of a 182 unit condo with a 25# wt limit for pets.
    I have one resident with an ESA Siberian Husky. Her letter came from her Dating counselor who is a LMHC in florida. Another resident has an ESA Amer. Pit Bull. His letter came from a “teletherapist” in Wa state who also is licensed in Florida.
    I have many residents that are frightened of large dogs. Their presence in this community infringes on their rights. The Husky was purchased soon after her moving in as a puppy. Why a toy poodle couldn’t offer the same emotional support as a husky is beyond me. When asked, the resident said ” im a husky kinda girl.” The Amer. Pit Bull was owned by these residents for 5 years prior to moving in. Only recently was it deemed to be an ESA.

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