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JP’s Tips on How to do Coachella

Written by on January 7, 2020

So the line up for Coachella 2020 has been released, and I’m excited to announce that some of my favorites Duck Sauce and Duke Dumont will perform on Sunday.

I hear that Calvin Harris will make his first return to the festival since he made history on the main stage in 2016 as the first EDM headliner. Flume and Disclosure will play Saturday, and Louis The Child tops the EDM lineup on Sunday.

A trip to Coachella is def on my bucket list and I have done a little research and have compiled the “Top 5 tips on how to do Coachella”

1. First off…do your homework and stick to a plan. Know who you want to see and where they are. Know the overlaps. Study the festival schedule like crazy when it drops.

2. Factor in travel time between stages. It takes 15-20 minutes to navigate the masses in between the stages. Sacrifices will have to be made, and you need to make your peace with that early.

3. Camp. It’s cheaper and easier. You can still go to all the pool parties, you can still shower, but you don’t have to sacrifice eight paychecks, your first-born child and your dignity for a mediocre condo 45 minutes away from the venue.

4. If you absolutely insist on not camping, DO NOT wait until 4:00pm to try and call an Uber because IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. Or it will, but with 7.5x surge pricing.

5. Don’t make a goal of not eating all day…I know you want to look as skinny as possible but you will pass out and die and then you will most likely miss the headliner you wanted to see.

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