Credit Physicians

Credit Physicians is a credit repair company dedicated to providing clients honest workmanship and a peace of mind. “Your Credit Deserves To Feel Good Too”.
Just like your capabilities depend on your physical health, your financial life depends on the health of your credit. The Credit Physicians work to heal and revitalize your credit, so you can enjoy life without financial constraints. We understand the unforeseen can happen. We believe everyone deserves a second chance and our credit experts are here to help you. We work with you, the credit bureaus, and your creditors to help you attain the highest best credit possible — and give you the knowledge to keep it that way.

Improving your credit is about more than removing items from your credit report. We take a holistic approach to address all of the items that may be holding down your credit profile and credit scores. Following our proven process, we’ll help you address your whole credit profile, including every factor of your credit scores from payment history to your overall mix of credit. We’ll dissect your derogatory items and work together with you to make a personalized plan of action to resolve your specific credit issues and help you pursue your financial goals.


See results in as little as 35 days, call the Credit Physicians Hotline at +(786) 681-8771 to start healing your credit today!


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