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JP MORNING SHOW with Naughty Natalia

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Miami legend and staple JP joins the Revolution 93.5FM family with our brand new morning show, along with the talented and beautiful Naughty Natalia! We're bringing you back to what you love about Miami: it's people, culture, and it's music!

HE’S BACK! That’s right Miami! JP is back on the air with Revolution 93.5. The JP Morning Show alongside Natalia Naughty. The JP Morning Show airs weekdays from 7AM to 11AM. Tune into the funniest morning show in South Florida only on Revolution 93.5!

Yojhans Perez (JP) was born in Pinar del Rio Cuba and moved to the states at the age of 2, when the Perez family headed to Newark, NJ where Jp lived till the age of 9. Before radio, JP worked at a body shop on South Beach then became the manager of the delivery department for Canac Cabinets, where he helped deliver and install kitchen cabinets for many high rise buildings on Collins Ave including “Roney Plaza”. Later, JP became an Aviation Mechanic at J&R Engine Service located off of 25th St and the Palmetto.

JP later attended the Connecticut School of Broadcasting where he excelled and was placed in an internship with Power 96. After interning for 8 months, he worked the overnight shift from midnight to 6am, where he hosted the night show. Not only was JP’s show #1, but he had a 26 share in the ratings book, which is the highest night show rating ever.

JP’s dream has always been to have his own morning show. A true testament that with hard work, anyone can achieve their goals.

Naughty” Natalia  made a name for herself with the glowstick set before 93 Rock, 93.5 The Bar to Power 96 it was Party 93.1fm in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami! Even before that, she held the coveted Morning Show spot called “Beauty vs. The Beast” with The Poorman on Groove Radio 103.1 back in Los Angeles in the early 90’s!!  Ever since she was 14 years old, her love for the dance music has been an authentic one, performing live as a recording artist opening up for C&C Music Factory to touring all of the United States, all of Asia to Central and South America. “My techno song, ‘More of My Love’ was #1 in the charts and on Groove Radio when Swedish Egil, Program Director, hired me to be on air! She grew as a DJ with Groove Radio for 2 years, breaking out techno artists like Prodigy, Robert Miles, Rabbit in the Moon, Nuyorican Soul to representing and managing dance music artists at Sunshine and Arista Records to Underground Construction in Chicago. She never thought she’d get back in radio when she moved back to South Florida until Party 93.1 came to the radio waves.  “I had to fulfill the calling to work at Party 93.1. I was made for that position and remained at Party 93.1 for 3 ½ years. I worked with every major DJ you can think of. Name one, and I’ve worked broadcasting live with almost all of them. I’ve hosted Markus Schulz’ weekly show “Global DJ Broadcast” to hosting for Paul Oakenfold’s show and so many more!”

JP and Naughty Natalia are all eyes and ears when it comes to your requests so send them in to 313131 with the word ‘Revolution’ followed by the track or topic you want to hear. The studio hot line is also open to all our listeners at 855-935-LIVE, give us a call!

Follow JP at @JP_MorningShow935, Naughty Natalia at @iamnaughtynayalia and us at @Revolution935 on Instagram

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