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Through hard work and dedication, Naughty Natalia has earned the competitive midday spot on Revolution 93.5 in Miami, Florida! Natalia takes any and every opportunity to show love to her fans, but she also has a message for the few remaining haters out there. “I’ve had people who wanna judge me and say, ‘Oh, she doesn’t know this fucking music.’ To the people who accept me and respect how hard it’s been for me to try to gain the respect culture to culture in the music scene, I say thank you because I do it with love and respect for the scene and for DJ’s everywhere. And those who want to be hard-core and not accept me, that’s their opinion. I’m just gonna be myself” she says with defiance. Natalia is rebellious, strong, confident, admirable and most of all believes in unity – everything dance music should be.

When you don’t find Naughty Natalia on the air, she’ll either be working out, working on her side hustle as an avid entrepreneur, speaking at leadership events or on the beaches of South Florida sipping her champagne.  Be part of Naughty Natalia’s Groove Community on Social Media by hash tagging #NaughtyNation935 , #sheplaysharder , #heplaysharder and show us how you are listening to her show online Monday – Friday 10a-2p she is always down to give our listeners the love they deserve!

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