Aaron Hibell completes an Avicii song

Written by on June 20, 2023

The English artist Aaron Hibell has just dropped his first track of 2023 and this is an amazing collaboration with Avicii.

Ghost” has been given a modern makeover after Aaron stumbled upon a video featuring Daniel (the singer) and Tim in the studio during a recording session. This sparked Aaron’s desire to pay tribute to Avicii and led to him reimagining, completing, and re-recording the song while honoring the work Tim Bergling had begun.

This track not only carries Avicii’s melodic spirit but also features an extraordinary vocal performance by Daniel Adams-Ray (HUMAN), as mentioned earlier.

In one way or another, the music, life, and essence of Tim Bergling continue to be celebrated and honored around the world, showcasing the extraordinary talent of this amazing artist.

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