Has Robin Schulz launched a new alias?

Written by on August 31, 2023

Recently, Robin Schulz released a new tune named “Atlantis.” The song is accompanied by the alias KOPPY, but who is KOPPY?

koppyThere is no information about this new artist or ideal artist. We only know that it is represented by a fox (or a cat) with purple hair and a rapper’s outfit. Plus, all the songs found on the Robin Schulz discography that reports the KOPPY alias is in a different key than the others by the German artist. Yes, he crosses the line with the Speed Up wave, and all these songs with the KOPPY’s alias take this road.

So, while there was not an official statement about that, we have no way of believing that KOPPY will be the new alias of Robin Schulz and will be used to release music in a different key. 

Let’s take a listen to “Atlantis” now.

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