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The Tomorrowland Academy, the official music academy of Tomorrowland, is enthusiastic to unveil its latest partnership with WALL, the label by the Dutch legendary producer Afrojack. Thanks to this partnership, the students and the electronic music lovers worldwide can expect exclusive access to precious insights and production techniques. Starting from these months, WALL x Tomorrowland Academy […]

Double titan names like Martin Garrix and Afrojack are back together on the music grid. Recently, they were spotted in the studio together during a beat cooking session. Their latest collaboration as a single production it’s dated 2014, and you may remember this perfectly. This was Turn Up The Speaker. Then, during these years, each […]

Since its inception in 2007, Wall Recordings, the label founded by the dirty kick’s boss Afrojack, has rapidly forged a reputation as one of the major players in recent dance music history. Now moving into its 15th year, Wall Recordings presents its new logo and continues to release new styles like Tech House, Psy-Trance, Hardcore, and Future Rave. We […]

It’s been an intense year for Afrojack, which has crossed all the major festivals in the world and continues to surf the wave of Hero with David Guetta. But there is something new for the king of the dirty kicks: the US soil will see the Jack To The Future tour this autumn. Indeed, by October 2022, Afrojack will […]

A few weeks ago, Afrojack and Dubvision joined forces to release a new Dance anthem named ‘Feels Like Home.’ The song was written to become the official song of the F1 Dutch Gran Prix and was played by Afrojack during a DJ set before the F1 show. Also, this year, EDM comes to an F1 […]

The two guys represent true icons in the dance music industry. Now, ten years after their last collaboration, they are back together for a new partnership that wants to celebrate Tomorrowland’s return. To do that, what could be better than a melodic and progressive tune? So here is “Worlds on Fire!” The song was written […]

Everyone is probably pleased to see these names together. David Guetta and Afrojack teamed up for new music but this time they released an unexpected piece. Yes, you understood well. This time, the two talents came out of the EDM wave and produced a HipHop tune. They showed the world their incredible production abilities to […]

Afrojack still continues to produce progressive radio tracks after the excellent collaboration with David Guetta (HERO). However, now it is time for another collaboration between the gods of melodic chords. Indeed, for “Anywhere For You,” Afrojack teamed up with Lucas & Steve and Dubvision. If you think that these synths sound very old, you are […]

Last week, a new label was born in Belgium. Yes, it is all true. Tomorrowland finally launches its own label. So please, let’s welcome Tomorrowland Music. This looks like a new chapter for the EDM era. Indeed, one of the leading festivals in the world that significantly contributed to the popularity of Electronic Dance Music […]

After 10 years of friendship and massive collaborations, Afrojack and David Guetta are back together for the summer hit “Hero.” The record preserves all the classics tunes from the EDM era and the pop-dance mood with a huge vocal which completes a perfect structure. All the best from two of the most prominent artists in […]