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The undiscussed pioneers of the new EDM nuance named “Future Rave,” David Guetta and MORTEN, are set to bring this brand to a new chapter. Future Rave is now a label and represents a new movement, a way of life. The Future Rave, born from a cultural mix of electronic Techno and Trance sounds, is […]

The ‘Future Rave’ wave has established its place in the EDM world during the last two years. Perhaps this is the genre that could better describe the new festival’s sound. Morten and David Guetta are the absolute protagonists in this match. Over 15 songs, as Morten mentioned in a recent post on Facebook, were created […]

The hottest duo of the moment composed by David Guetta and MORTEN is back on the scene with a new Future Rave banger. It is named “Alive Again,” featuring the voice of Roland Clark, and you might remember the original song released at the beginning of November 2021. The first edit, named simply “Alive,” was […]

You probably remember this track thanks to the first play by David Guetta during #UnitedAthome Dubai Edition. Initially, the tune was identified as “Air” and contained a different vocal. Finally, the final version becomes a reality with John Martin, one of the most iconic voices in the #EDM era. The vocal’s choice seems to be perfect. Can […]

The Future Rave wave continue his way to new year and the probable new festival season. How? Sure, with David Guetta new music together with Morten. Last releases of the duo, named Dreams, is finally out. Another banger with the same style like the others past records, maybe a bit softer, but not too much.  […]

After releasing many hits like “Make It To Heaven” and “Detroit 3 AM”, David Guetta and Morten  are back together for a new EP called “New Rave”. As widely expected, “New Rave” continues on the sounds of the past collaborations, i.e., the typical Electro House bpm with dark, mostly underground sounds, dating back to Techno. […]