If 2023 has been anyone’s year, it’s belonged to Sonny Moore, better known by his stage name Skrillex. The highly liked album out through OWSLA and Atlantic Records marks the US DJ and producer’s second studio album, his first in nine years, following 2014’s ‘Recess.’ Recently, according to the DJ MAG “Best of North America” […]

Hot on the heels of the last 5 hours’ performance at Red Rocks in Colorado a few days ago, Skrillex is back to his Twitter account with some new Titles. He seems ready to release new music or even a New album! Despite the fact he has recently released two new albums named “Quest For […]

Skrillex is on Fire, again and again. After the double music album release, Skrillex is to be hot on the heels and announced that on the next April 29th, 2023, he will perform at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado. As you know, the Red Rocks Amphitheater is a great place where to perform. It is […]

The continuous success of the new Skrillex era passes through two new double albums, exclusive shows, and more music! Skrillex wants to explore new worlds of sound. This time, together with his faithful travel companions Fred Again.. and Four Tet, he released the latest piece named “Baby Again..” which is an insanely Tech House banger. The song was probably […]

A few weeks ago, Sonny Moore, better known as Skrillex, released his double album (we told you about that here). Then, he performed an incredible show at Madison Square Garden in NY, and according to some rumors, something unusual happened. In fact, it seems that Skrillex has given the fans some CDs with exclusive bootleg […]

Skrillex is probably the weirdest artist in the EDM scene, a clear example of: I do what I want, when I want, and how I want. A mentality that is too open, accompanied by personal ups and downs that have kept him away from the music scene for a long time. But now, after 9 […]

A few days ago Skrillex finally revealed the release date for his new album named ‘Quest of Fire.‘ The undiscussed pioneer of Dubstep music is now living a new music era and has just released some new stuff that was also included in the new album. In these weeks he poured gasoline on the fire […]

The entire world of EDM sounds has been waiting for a long time for new Skrillex music, and finally, the silence was interrupted. With a tweet on January 1st, Skrillex announced to the world that he is ready to get back on the scene with a new album, and some music will be released soon. […]

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