As you may know, “Barbie The Movie” is one of the most awaited movies of this year that will come out next July. The film will include lots of music participation by great names like Mark Ronson, that has produced the soundtrack. But he is not the only one. From the many new songs written […]

After the success of “Moth to a Flame” (which we covered here), the Swedish House Mafia collaborated again with The Weeknd. The new single titled “Nothing Is Lost (You Give me Strength)” will be part of the Official Soundtrack of Avatar: The Way of Water, written and composed by The Weeknd with the legendary Electronic […]

Talking about a different music style, this year, FIFA offers us another way to discover the World Cup. Year after year, they usually officialize only one song. However, they want to open their doors to different music cultures and styles this year. So, let’s see what this year’s FIFA WORLD CUP QATAR 2022‘s soundtrack is. […]

After being nominated Best DJ of the Year as we mentioned in the TOP 100 DJ MAG some weeks ago,  Martin Garrix expanded the borders of his community with an important announcement. The artist, indeed, revealed a collaboration with the iconic American company Marvel. In a Tweet, Garrix states to be working on content for […]

What happens if Marshmello remixes the Monday Night Football soundtrack? The result is so remarkable. Since 1970, the original soundtrack was not changed or revisited. Now, the American idol Marshmello put his sound on the official hymn and rebuilt the mood with a contemporary sound that is perfect for the NFL 2022-25 new season. Marshmello says: “Working […]

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