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This year, the world of Electronic Dance Music will blend with The Muppets Show! Yes, you understood well. The exclusive new season of The Muppets Show will see the participation of Zedd, Deadmau5, and Steve Aoki in “The Muppets Mayhem.” The Muppets Mayhem will be streamed via Disney+ by May 10th,2023. Unfortunately, there is no more info about what […]

The DJ and producer Steve Aoki will join the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa on the first civil trip to the Moon. Yusaku announced the list of eight participants in the commercial space flight to the Moon, called the project “dearMoon.” In addition to Aoki, the crew will be composed of Irish photographer Rhiannon Adam, the […]

In a recent interview, Dim Mak Records’s owner Steve Aoki revealed that he wants to be the first human to create music “in Space.” “This is my dream, but I don’t want to go up and down to Space; I want to stay here for a few days.”  This dream was born in 2019 when he and other selected […]

Recently we talked about the new Steve Aoki music for the “Whole Again” release. Still, it is time to go into the metaverse: DJ and Producer, and a lover of pop culture, Steve Aoki will appear soon in the metaverse of The Sandbox through an exclusive NFT avatar collection. Besides being a well-known figure in the music world, Aoki […]

Steve Aoki joined the OrangeTheory fitness team in the role of “Chief Music.” Aoki will be responsible for creating the soundtrack of a new series of workouts called “All Out with Aoki.” Moreover, the artist will create playlists for ten new workouts for the sports brand. Steve Aoki will also produce a new track for […]

With over 4 million streams, Steve Aoki is one of the most popular and demanded DJs and producers globally. He boasts results as one of the best 10 DJs in the world, and the public loves him because of his impressive live performance. Now, Steve Aoki declared to have participated in 3D scans using motion […]

Steve Aoki has officially become the first DJ/producer to obtain recognition in the prestigious Asian Hall of Fame. Aoki, who has Japanese origins, has gained the primacy as DJ/producer to reach this fantastic milestone in the EDM community. The award ceremony will occur on 13 November 2021. It will honor other Asian pioneers such as Ken Jeong, the […]

Steve Aoki and Travis Barker have joined forces to make your messages even more unique. Two new soundmoji have been released on the Facebook Messenger platform in the past few hours, with Steve Aoki as the protagonist. The American producer/DJ of Japanese heritage has composed the soundtrack of the emoji, giving a unique sound. For those […]

Even though the festival season is not living its best times, many DJs are releasing festival bangers. This is the case for Armin Van Buuren and Steve Aoki. Indeed, last week they came together with a new festival banger named “Music Means Love Forever.” By listening to this track, one can enjoy some of the […]

At the end of this year, Steve Aoki releases a new great record named: End Like This. During 2020, he released some interesting tunes such as LIES, Imagine, Love you more, and those included in the album Neon Future IV. But now, as cherry on top of the cake, Steve Aoki collaborates with Yellow Claw […]