Topic continues to release good music and surfs the Speed Up wave. Here is a new piece that perfectly matches this period’s mood and tells a melancholy story. A collab with the Aussie EDM producer Restricted and the vocals of singer-songwriter GoldFord, already known in the Dance scene, who sings about how he feels “consumed” […]

One of the top music festivals in the world brings you behind the scenes of it with a documentary. Lots of guests and much more. Delivered exclusively via Youtube and Amazon music Tomorrowland’s documentary is named ‘We Are Tomorrow’ and will be the story of 4 different people. You can catch the best experience of […]

After the worldwide music hit Your Love (9 PM), Topic and A7S are back together for a new remake from the past. This time they chose to sample the Zombie Nation‘s tune named Kernkraft 400 out in 1999. The song “A Better Day” is a simple and modern remake that might bring the guys to […]

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