Double album release for Skrillex

Written by on February 23, 2023

Skrillex is probably the weirdest artist in the EDM scene, a clear example of: I do what I want, when I want, and how I want. A mentality that is too open, accompanied by personal ups and downs that have kept him away from the music scene for a long time.

But now, after 9 years and a lot of teasers and various snippets, the godfather of Dubstep music is back on the scene with 2 albums: Quest For Fire and Don’t Get Too Close.

The first contains a lot of previously anticipated tracks such as “Leave Me Like This”, “Rumble” with Fred Again.. and “Xena“. The sound in it is exactly what was expected of him, and the collaborations are top-notch. The second, with a more tranquil and melodic soul, enriched with collaborations with Swaee Lee, Justin Bieber, Pink Pantheresse, Kid Cui, is suitable for those who are not exactly fans of #dirty genres like pure Dubstep. However, the use of sounds is skillful and shows, even ten years later, how Skrillex is a genius of modern music and how he has skillfully chosen his collaborators.

These two albums make us understand how Skrillex has matured musically and spiritually during these 9 years. A complete artist, as well as a pioneer of a shade of EDM.

skrillex album release


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